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A design and wellness brand

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Founded by Sarah Kukkiriza "Kukie" Ndagire in 2019, LyfLyn is a design and wellness brand that focuses on empowering you with functional and stylish products to support you as you turn your dreams into reality, all while keeping selfcare alive!

As the lead product designer, I have designed planners, journals, homeware, affirmation decks and more for the brand. 

We make our products with the intention of helping you achieve your goals mindfully, and to act as a guide for you to transform your goals from dreams to actions/reality.

We believe you do not have to compromise your mental well-being and self expression/individuality in order to achieve maximum productivity and organization.

A cowhorn bag


Made by Sarah Kukie for the MOO Brand, the MOO bag is a sustainably sourced bag made entirely of discarded Ankole cow horns. A once devalued byproduct of the cattle industry, the cow horn is now a desirable piece of art transforming the accessories world and growing the local economy of Uganda.

The Ankole horns are known for their unique variations in color and patterns. The colors vary from ivory black to caramel to white. The patterns are stripes and solids intermix for a striking appearance. Each horn is one of a kind and exotically distinct from any other horn. No two Ankole horns are exactly alike.

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